Lindex vendor portal provides immediate access to portal trading for all suppliers regardless of their size and technological capabilities. All orders that you receive as a supplier are available on Lindex vendor portal and can be handled on various levels depending o

Portal Schema

Integrated e-commerce solution

Kommers provides solutions for integration with a variety of vendor systems and can handle the entire order flow, including electronic invoices. Kommers also manages many formats and standards for electronic commerce and EDI.

Trading Portal - Standard

You receive a mail or SMS and can instantly confirm or deny the order. If you need more information you can log in to Lindex vendor portal to view the order details. When you have delivered the goods you enter it on Lindex vendor portal and the orderer receives that information.


Lindex vendor portal offers the opportunity for self-billing. The ordering organisation displays an invoice with the order. You can correct and approve the invoice and no more invoices are needed.

Report overview

Regardless of the solution for ordering, the information is always available on Lindex vendor portal. This is a service for you as a supplier for you to get an overview of current orders. Lindex vendor portal also provides history of orders.

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